Whats in the box

Most kits come shipped with a battery, Tank / Clearomiser, instructions and a charger.

So whats first ?

Well the first thing you need to get is get the battery on charge,  Although the battery ships semi charged its always best to give this a full first charge, this will ensure maximum lifespan of the battery.   these are charged up via the usb charge lead and can be plugged in to a an Ipod plug or your pc / laptop, main adapters are available if required.

Please note its advisable that all Li Po batteries are charged in a Li Po charge bag these are available from the main site, Li Po batteries can be volotile if damaged or misused so this precaution is highly reccomended, a section on batteries can be found later in this document.

Filling of your Tank / Clearomiser

Tanks and clearomisers come in all shapes and size and methods of filling, to the new user this can be daunting but once you have filled it up for the first time you will have it mastered,  most of our clearomisers  sent out with kits are CE4 Long wick  these are filled from the top by removing the mouth peice, please watch the video below.


Bottom Fill Clearomisers are filled differently they require you to remove the threaded bottom section,  most bottom fill clearomisers offer the ability to change the heater coil this is done in the same way as filling.

please watch the video for more information.


Filling tanks is similar to filling both of the above  some are top fill some are bottom fill the video below shows you how a pro tank is filled this is a bottom fill tank  again the coil can be replaced via the same method.