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    Everything you need to get started kits plus a selection of E-Liquid to get you going. Welcome to the minefield of Electronic Cigarettes, Hopefully we can simplify things a little........... How does it all work ?--- Every e-cig has a battery and a carrier of the e-liquid the two marry together and when the power button is pressed the heater coil in the tank vaporises the e-liquid you take a puff and this vapour delivers the nicotine just like a cigarette would---. Why so many price variants ?--- So many variables effect price but in the main its the quality of the battery and its lifespan not just durability its daily usage life, the smallest battery we sell is 650mAh that's milli amp hours, a heavy smoker moving into vaping would drain a battery very quickly, basic starter kits usually contain batteries of this size and slightly bigger at the end of the day they are starter kits a taster to vaping. below is a little scale of what to expect from battery life based on a 20 a day smoker.--- 650 mAh Approx. 4-6hrs--- 900 mAh Approx 8-9 hrs--- 1100 mAh Approx 9-11 hrs--- This really is approximate and should only be used as a rough guide there are other factors that can effect battery life

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    If its power you require then this section is for you  just remember battery safety is paramount, the incorrect use of these devices and batteries can be dangerous.  These devices are for the experienced user.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 49 items