Puff Dad E Vaping Supplies are a Family run business based in Waltham Abbey Essex, specialising in the sale of electronic cigarettes e-liquids and accessories.

After many years of trying to quit smoking and funding a 50 a day habit, I decided enough was enough and had to do something about it, having tried patches gum hypnotherapy cold turkey, On Febuary 22nd 2013 I decided to buy my first electronic cigarette from a chemist,  I was amazed at how these electric cigarettes work,  to this day I still have not found the need for even a single puff of an analogue cigarette, 2 years 8 months has now passed, I not only feel better from a health standpoint I have saved a small fortune.

What was surprising was the instant lack of desire to smoke I still love the smell of a Benson and Hedges though I don't think I will ever lose that association but now I have a the tools to make life easier.

Puff Dad E was born.

Below are my stats for the period I have not smoked up to and including 20th October 2016