For anyone interested in electronic smoking there is often a need to understand the basics of the device and the first question is normally How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Many wonder just how its possible for such a small device to produce a vapour release action that is so efficient.

The technology used in an e cigarette is extremly advanced and efficient, and it fits snugly into the shell of the e cigarette, keeping the overall dimensions about the same size as an ordinary tobacco cigarette. The interior of the e cigarette has a three main working parts that help to ensure a steady flow of nicotine mist is generated and expelled through the mouth piece as the user inhales.


How do electronic cigarettes work?


The basic function of an electronic cigarette is to release nicotine mist as the user inhales on it. In order to perform this, all the internal parts of the electronic cigarette need to be working efficiently. First, you have the battery, which typically comprises the lower section of a regular 3-piece cigarette. This is usually a lithium-ion battery that can be charged through the wall outlet or via USB with an alternative adapter.

Some typical timescales of our batteries are as follows but first you need to realise all our smoking habits vary, these were based on our trials at Puff Dad e using standard ego-t  lithium ion batteries.

  • 650mah   Should last the average smoker around a day.
  • 900mah  Should last a heavy smoker 20-40  regular cigarettes a day.
  • 1100mah should last an average 20 a day smoker as long as 2 days.
  • 1300mah Should last a heavy smoker approximatly 2 days.


The battery provides the atomiser with a charge that heats it up, rapidly converting the nicotine liquid inside the e cigarette's cartridge into a dense mist. This mist looks a lot like real tobacco smoke, but it doesn't leave behind any nasty odours and it immediately dissipates into the surrounding air after just a few seconds. You inhale this mist deep into your lungs much in the same way you always do when you smoke a regular cigarette. Of course, this mist is harmless and much safer than the smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are so different from regular cigarettes, yet at the same time so similar that some smokers feel no overall difference. Many smokers have found it perfectly easy to exchange tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes, even if a few minor changes in overall taste and feel were noted. Once you see how do electronic cigarettes work and give them a try, you really won't want to go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette can greatly improve the lifestyles of smokers throughout the world because it is safer to human health.

The ingredients typically found in e-liquid are propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavouring. Electronic cigarettes give smokers the opportunity to finally smoke without having to worry about the health risks - and this is especially important when the health risks of excessive tobacco consumption could even be fatal. Lung cancer and mouth cancer are just two of the many extremely dangerous health conditions promoted by the use of tobacco cigarettes. When an alternative like electronic cigarettes appears in your way and you are a heavy smoker, it may very well be a good idea to at least try them out.

Although electronic cigarettes are not health products they do contain nicotine, they should be used as a healthier alternative. They should not be smoked by people who do not already have an addiction to nicotine, but any smoker who has been maintaining a habit for a long time could almost certainly benefit from giving electronic cigarettes a try.

So far from our sales and keeping in touch with our customers there is approximatly a 75% conversion rate from regular cigarettes users to E-cigs, It won't suit everyone but 75%  have stayed with it,  those that have managed to make the change are benefitting not just from a health standpoint they are financially far better off, it can cost as little as £1.50 a week to use E-Cigs.